Sowing Seeds of Peace

Slouched down in my leather seat in a crowded railway car, I was being gently rocked to sleep by the rhythmic swaying back and forth of the old train clattering across the Polish countryside. Returning from a student conference in the mountains where I had been teaching and counseling with college students all weekend had left me a bit weary, lonely and depleted. Suddenly, the train took a small bend and the view changed drastically.

Thousands upon thousands of bright red poppies, gently swaying in the wind, spread over miles of the countryside. I was mesmerized by the beauty and began to imagine the invisible hand of God intentionally spreading seed generously over the many fields, so that in a country where there had been so much division, war and darkness for so many generations, there would still be a picture of His beauty, creation and life to comfort those who would see it...

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