Spontaneous adventure is the best choice--just what a weary soul needs!

Indian Jewelry Santa Fe

Santa Fe Plaza--Joy stooping to look at the southwestern jewelry.

Santa Fe Are you there? Do you swear you won't forget me? If I found you would you let me come and stay?

The Newsies

A week ago, as the sun was setting golden over the mountains, and the chill air swept across the pines, Joy and I rocked  slowly on our front porch, sighing with exhaustion. Her wide brown eyes held furrowed brow. Twenty-two nights in a row of sleep in company, and almost 7 weeks all together, had drained our little souls. Reflecting on my busy weeks ahead with more company, all the kids coming home for family day, I realized I would only have a couple of days to celebrate my sweet daughter until she went back to college. Heart-to-heart time has to take priority in the lives of our most beloved, but must be acted upon to provide that intimate strong fellowship we all desire. Work will always be there--but the opportunity to celebrate life with our precious ones must be acted upon now!

A couple of nights before, we had watched the old musical, The Newsies, and the song about Santa Fe must have been in my mind!

"Let's go on an adventure for a couple of days--just you and me. I know, why don't we go to Santa Fe? It is just a few hours drive and we can have an adventure before the busyness starts again."

Clay agreed. Sunday morning, we threw snacks, various music, and just a couple of pairs of jeans in the car,  and happily left all worry and responsibilities in our rear view mirror. Clarksons tingle with excitement when one more road trip is begun, as years and years of memories of fun together in the car, gives us anticipation of being together and living free.

Storm in New Mexico

Singing, munching on dark chocolate almonds, cheese crackers and strawberry limeades, found us singing wildly to Rich Mullin's album "Songs." Just as we were driving south of Raton, we witnessed a raging storm, lightning flashing on the left and on the right with one small bit of sunshine in between. Driving through the one light spot on the highway made us feel we were like Moses walking through--in the middle of the Red Sea with walls of water on both sides. There were river-lets all over the ground. Finally, we did have to stop in a surging storm because of lack of visibility in a pouring downfall. Spirits grew with the wild beauty surrounding us.

As soon as we reached Santa Fe, knowing the shops would be open only a couple of hours more, we started on foot to explore the old haunts I had known as a child, growing up only an hour away in Albuquerque.

1069956_10201598533870217_723319963_n-1Again the rain started pouring down, and a concerned shop owner provided us with make-shift garbage bag rain attire.

Crepe at La FondaConveniently, we were  in front of a favorite French bakery at the old La Fonda Hotel. We ran in and dried off and immediately knew what we needed! A fresh raspberry crepe, covered in chocolate sauce and whip cream, seemed to soothe our rain bedraggled bodies and we delighted in each delicious bite, while sipping hot cappucicnos. God ordained an inspirational conversation with a Christian surge0n and his wife who told us their adventures in starting a medical ministry to Haiti, and traveling each year to give aid to people in great need of a doctor's attention.

Joy and manicans Santa Fe

Never a dull moment, we walked literally miles and miles over our 2 days. As a center of art and cuisine, we had no end to fun and pleasure.

happy lambs and Joy

Just like her name, Joy made this trip a precious memory I will not soon forget. Having spent many days here when in High School, I had so much fun taking her to favorite restaurants and shops and exquisite and charming old churches, stained glass shimmering and telling stories of old.

The Shed Santa Fe

Eating spicy red chile enchiladas and delectable buttered garlic bred at the traditional favorite, The Shed, brought back familiar memories of times shared with my own mom.

Adobe abode

Because we did not have time to plan our adventure, I was looking all over the internet for a place for us to stay, since many places in Santa Fe were already booked up. I prayed God would provide us a place and we ended up at a charming bed and breakfast called Adobe Abode. This ended up being one of the best surprise blessings of our whole trip.It was as though God knew that not only did we need rest, we also longed for fellowship and friendship.


Nelly-Joy and my own Joy became instant friends! With the same name, they were instant kindred spirits.

The lovely hostess of the b&b was an artist with her life. Fresh warm quiches, homemade muffins, coffee and tea greeted us each morning. But beyond that, the lovely decor artfully arranged, the attentive giving of her whole self, spoke of a heart alive in our hostess, and opened a friendship that led to long sharing of heart stories. Nelly-Joy moved to Santa Fe from Berundi. Cloaked with a  gentle spirit and generously loving heart , Nellie-Joy immediately opened up warm fellowship as we shared our mutual love for our Jesus.

So, in the end, sometimes, getting away, leaving all worries and responsibilities behind, is just what a soul needs. Hours and hours of heart time to talk about silly and important issues of life, laughing, eating, walking, running out from the rain, and meeting the most wonderful people, made us know that even though we thought we had planned the trip, God had actually arranged each detail for the re-filling of our souls.