Steadfast Love of the Lord

Sweet Wonderful Moms, I awakened this morning and found this in my email from another sweet mom:

I am sitting here alone, at 10pm, and was having one of those evenings feeling completely overwhelmed with homeschooling and not wanting to look at anymore curriculums, one of which I have repacked on my floor waiting to be shipped back…a familiar scene. I love reading with my kids and being a mom, but sometimes I feel I have NO IDEA what I am doing and am not so sure why God gave me this particular job. And I sat down here and thought to myself, I wonder if anyone else feels this way."

So many, many times, we as moms have to face the challenges, mystery, difficulties and fears alone. But you are never alone! The God who created your children is the God who picked you to be their mother. He is your champion and will be your guide. He who began a good work will complete it in Christ.

This verse came to mind: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, They are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness.

These words to a song were based off of Lamentations where Jeremiah despaired of His life--but God used him profoundly to change cultures through his writings in his lifetime and beyond. He probably had no idea of how much God would use Him. He didn't feel strategic--just depressed! Yet he took his will to this place of acknowledging His wonderful God and God's faithfulness. He is our model.

Just yesterday, I was having a great day. Had a quiet time in the morning, went to a doctor's appointment and then took Joy out to lunch all by herself and was feeling good about my day--ticking off all that needed to be done for our trip ahead. Then we went to Walmart and a demon attacked us--:) We had the silliest fuss about when I had last bought her some lotion she used. It was so silly and we were both sure we were right and I walked up and down the isles of walmart giving her a lecture and huffing. The bad cloud followed us home--even after I had asked forgiveness and she had asked my forgiveness--just lots of crying and struggling before we could finally end the day--(Do I remember what 13 feels like?)

Found myself thinking, I am not qualified to be in ministry--How can I be so petty? No matter what I tried today, everyone ended in some sort of cloud--Clay over the economy, Sarah in the midst of book deadlines, and me thinking that this mothering thing goes on and on! But, then, I committed it all into the Lord's hands. Talked with Him about "You know me, Lord, and the petty-ness of my day. I am so glad you are with me and that you love all of us. You are my comfort. Thank you for your presence and blessing and strength every day--even a day like this. I love you."

His love indeed never ceases. He loves you and all of your hormonal children and all of your toddlers and all of your wild boys and fussy girls--the whole lot. And His mercies are new every morning--may you know His faithfulness today! I have prayed for all you sweet moms who need to know you are not forgotten.