Summer party for the Dads

I host a monthly Bible study in my home with lots and lots of sweet moms--all ages, backgrounds and types. I have grown to love these wonderful women. Because we have 260 on our address list, we know that every time (since children get sick, life happens and men travel) we know that we will have a varied group every time. Some on the list moved away long ago but still keep getting all of our emails. And of course we have new moms every time. But Clay and I thought there should always be a little something for the dads since the moms were getting a lot of input. Every summer, we host a potluck for the moms and dads who want to come to hear a talk about home discipleship or education or marriage or whatever is the need that year.

To lure the dads in, we offer great food. Each mom brings a meat dish, and then either a salad, desert or veggie. We had so much food this year.

About 90 people came and of course at first some of the guys who are new wonder, "Who are these Clarksons and what have I gotten myself into?

But we have enough of the dads from the past that take initiative to meet and greet and tell enough stories and jokes that all seem to feel at home.



On the deck

some at tables


and then we gather in the living room

Some pile up on the stairs

Clay talks with the Dads about nurturing the life of Christ in the home from his new book, Educating the Whole Hearted Child

Friendships are begun, thoughts are stimulated, hearts are open and a good time was had by all.