Superman strikes again......PLEASE VOTE! This morning as Joy and I were sipping tea and reviewing the night we had celebrated with so many moms, we covered all the subjects of the world. "You know, Mom, while I was in my bedroom, I was looking back on all the videos we have of Nathan, and he really is a superman to me! He still thinks that some day God will use him to save his world!"

It is fun to finally be at that place where my kids enjoy each other as best friends and support each other's vision and dreams instead of picking on each other. It is a miracle and I am so very grateful to be at this season!

Many of you know Nathan, my son, because he helped market Dolphin Tale to families. The third child, second boy, came out with dreams, passion, and a heart that wanted to be a hero. He loved warrior tales, loved historical battles and those who saved nations and showed courage.

As a young man, the Lord put it in Nathan's heart to make a difference in Hollywood. After praying for a year and a half, much to my surprise, he entered a contest and won singer-songwriter and a scholarship to New York Film Academy. God answers the prayers of your children--even if they aren't the prayers you are praying!

After finishing his schooling there, and God helping him to keep his Christian faith in tact,  he moved to Hollywood. Nathan has been there for 2 years and has earned his sag card, (actor's guild) been in about 30 shows, turned down many, many more parts because they portrayed immorality or issues that didn't agree with His own sense of spirituality and love for the Lord.  Yet, little by little, he has had more and more opportunities to be in bigger roles, to be in commercials and to begin making friends and getting to know a wider range of people.

Hollywood is a pretty dark, self-serving place--so the first favor I would ask of you, would be to please pray for Nathan, to love God every day, to keep growing in his faith, to find others who can mentor them--as well as see the Lord open the right door for him in acting.

But I also have a favor to ask--Nathan has entered another song competition. He is more of a message maker (some of you know his blog: He made it into the top 20.

This competition he has entered is a song writing contest for a Christian  for actors and singers. Would you please consider voting for him? If he wins, it would give him an opportunity to be able to meet a wider range of directors, producers and leaders in the entertainment industry who are willing to work with believers.


So, please go here  ( and vote just for Nathan if you would like to support him and help him pursue his dream of being a spiritual influence in Hollywood.)

There are many wonderful young believers hoping to make a difference in the industry. We are amazed that Nathan has made it there for 2 years and keeps praying and walking with God in the midst. He has somewhat learned the ropes, learned what it is like to interface in this crazy industry and he is hoping for someway to be a message maker to His generation of God's voice.

Thanks for letting me be a mama today and to seek to help advocate for and support my sweet son's faith dreams. So many of you helped to make Dolphin Tale happen and so now I can't wait to see what happens with this.  IF YOU COULD VOTE AND SHARE IT, I WOULD BE MOST GRATEFUL! :)

Be blessed and know His love today!