Taking time for normal life, and enjoying it

Taking a break from blogging to live real life. In bed with colds the beginning of the week, and staying in my jammies for a whole day, watching movies, drinking tea.  Meeting with one of my favorite friends over tea and homemade toast, talking a million miles a minute since we get so few together.

 Spending lots of time with my two princesses at home and covering every subject and so enjoying a new English series at night (Larkrise to Candleford--produced in England, in the second year as a tv show--like the Avonlea series only English--delightful characters, beautiful music and wonderful cinematography)

 Red a Victorian novel about an old fashioned family and romance. 

Now,  having fun getting my princess all ready and dolled up for an end of the year event tonight. In a close family like ours, everything is shared ground--we have all had opinions about all the issues that come our way over the years---from haircuts to favorite music to who my old and young children are enjoying to who my boys and Sarah have had relationships with, to all of us having advice on how I should raise Joy--she has 5 parents, what kind of man Sarah should marry and , what dress Joy should wear to her banquet, what kind of clothes I should wear when I speak to not look too frumpy, if we like Clay's beard or not,  and no one gets to have their own privacy--everything is a family affair and these things are a part of the hysterical and whimsical strokes of family life. 

Having tea with Sarah, staying in bed longer than usual, meeting with friends I dearly enjoy and haven't had a real long visit with for a while. I may never write another blog! There's just too much life going on.