Taking time off to live well at home......


So this one, my precious baby, turned 18 today!


Joel is moving to another state next week and so we all need lots of talk time and tea or coffee on our porch.


Sarah is leaving next week to work at Summit Semester with college students for 8 weeks, so this week, we three will take time for what we call, "Girl's club" together for talking, sharing lives while we have these days, and building into each others hearts and souls.


I need some talk and planning time with Nate and Rachael and time to begin planning and working on some fun projects together.


I might even take a little time with this guy, just to have fun and plan more of our life together, and make a few more memories together--after all, together we are the masterminds of the destiny of this distinguished crew.

So, I will take a little rest from my blog this week,  to live life better and to take time to breathe with these sweet ones who need me at home.

May God grant you rest and peace and wisdom to live well in your homes this week.