Taking time to laugh, taking time to see

The many faces and facets of Joy--

Sixteen years ago today, a miracle happened. I had three children, three miscarriages (from one I almost died), and just begore my 42 birthday, I was blessed with this precious daughter, an answer to prayer. I felt like I was given one more chance by God to shepherd a child through this world, to show her His love, to cherish her and release her into the work He had designed her to do for His glory.

Joy as Anne of Green Gables

Joy is like her name--brings Joy, love, sparkle and energy wherever she is. She is beautiful of soul and in life. We stay up late sharing hearts almost every night. Constantly thinking, evaluating, wondering, reading and sharing--she is a leader of young women and a delight to my life.

While shopping in Boston--the laughter around Joy never ceases.

My days are busy, demanding, overwhelming, but God has said, "Open you eyes, see with your heart, don't miss one moment to see the beauty of a child I have entrusted into your hands. You have this one opportunity to engage your heart fully and to affirm, celebrate and love this person I have entrusted into your hands providentially named Joy.

So, Happy Birthday my wonderful. I love you and am so very happy you are in my life.

The traditional blindfolded march to the surprises.

The Loot

The Satisfied, sweet and sleepy princess with her new summer hat!