Teaching our children, training their minds.......

“We teach our children how to think and reason in their own minds so that they may be able, when mature, to discern what is true and what is false. It is our job to train them to understand “righteousness and holiness of the truth” in their everyday lives. We will not always be there to think for them, so we teach them to think for themselves according to biblical precepts … Our task is to train ourselves and our children to think clearly, truthfully, and biblically about Jesus and the world. This task requires us to understand the scope of the biblical knowledge our children need and to develop a plan for helping them acquire it. In addition, we help them understand biblical principles and guidelines and learn how to apply them to everyday life.” Sally Clarkson, Mission of Motherhood

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(Still having fun at the Speech and debate tourney. Having fun and amazed at the wonderful speeches and clear train of thought. Great, great event! )