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Sweet Friends,

I was so blessed and encouraged by your prayers and comments and emails. I will write about my adventure on Fox Morning show sometime in the next couple of days when I have a chance. I had been having a quiet time a few days ago and because of being involved in so many women's lives who really have a need to hear the Biblical message of motherhood, for the sake of their children and marriages, I prayed, "Lord, would you be our marketer?! We will keep writing the messages, and we can't afford an extra staff person to help right now, but Lord, please open the doors for us to get these messages out to more people."
Then, the third day I was praying this, we got the email from Fox. There is a lot more to tell and it was a grand adventure, but it was interesting that they found Mission and put it on the camera piece. God is a great marketer and adds so much humor and story to our lives. May we all continue to reach a new generation of moms with the message of His love, grace and design for moms. Have a wonderful Sunday. Off to see my two older children and to have a day with Brenda Nuland of Coffeeteabooksandme blog spot. 
Here is the link to the very short news clip. Here
At the end of the interview, she said, let's see what our viewers at home think. If any of you want to thank her for at least opening the subject and for having the book and me on, please write her at
here or    (Please take the time to write--it could make a difference if they think moms would be interested in another article.) 
Probably, most news agencies and professional groups have no idea of how much we love the role of motherhood and how much we are blessed to be able to make our children and home a priority. I would just like to see the traditional role be one of the choices that news and media represent, so that we can offer these choices to young moms who are searching for answers. God help us and bless us as we seek to encourage those who are searching. I am so blessed to be in the company of you wonderful women who are serving Him and your children at home.
I was able to give a number of books away to different ones in the media rooms. Please pray the Lord will bless these women and use the messages. Sabbath rest to all of you, my kindred spirits.