The Amalfi Coast, a new perspective and a Giveaway!


Sequestered on the side of a cliff, is a jewel of a tiny town where flowers bloom profusely, meandering walkways and pathways zig-zag all over the hills and life runs at a slower pace.

Attending the wedding of the daughter of a sweet friend of mine gave my friend, Phyllis and me, an opportunity to visit this lovely place. In the midst of the rush and swirl and demands of a too busy life here in America, I was slowed down, and forced to see life from a different pace where people took time to talk together, stroll hand in hand and notice the beauty of the ocean views surrounding each corner of the old village.

One of my favorite finds was an artisan's shop where the beautiful Italian pottery that I had seen in shops in America was being designed and painted by an artist named Pascal.

As I entered his shop, I was surrounded by rainbows of color and exquisite pieces that he had designed and hand-painted himself. In a world of mass-production, I was struck by the beauty and value of a man giving his life to his art and crafting pieces of pottery that light up a table, that grace a corner of a kitchen with color and design.

Pascal holds up the plates I picked out to bring just a little taste of His lovely pieces to my dinner table.

His wonderful designs and dishes can be found on his site here where you can find all sorts of exquisite pieces for your table.

Since I was a young wife, I have regarded feasting at our table as a sacred time. Sharing of warm food, on a well-laid table, with crafted ambiance has been one of the ways I think Clay and I have most influenced our children over the years. I take great care in choosing centerpieces, colorful table cloths, always candles, and colorful dishes and cultivating recipes that delight our family.

I knew that bringing home something, crafted by a true artist, to my home table would remind me, as the town and my new friends had reminded me, to enjoy the art of life, and to revere and treasure our times of soul-sharing over meals.

I wanted to let you know about his wonderful shop and lovely offerings because even a small piece, a lovely platter, a salad bowl, a plate for cookies, becomes a cherished treasure in your home when it serves your family with memories of the cookies you always served on the special plate, the small bowls of steaming soup on a cold winter's night, or a favorite mug for hot chocolate.

Pascal and his lovely wife, extended a warm welcome to me and offered to give away a charming spoon rest, painted with the traditional lemon design that reflects Ravello,  for someone's stove top.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on my page of one of your favorite recipes or meal traditions. For extra entries, connect this giveaway to your facebook or twitter and leave me a comment to tell me what you have done! (Giveaway ends Monday.) I want many of my friends to have the opportunity to visit his lovely shop and see his designs online in case you want to bring a little of Italy right to your own table! (Ceramiche D'Arte)

They also have two lovely apartments that they rent out for holidays in this lovely town. You can see these here.

Oh how I hope I can take Clay with me back to this lovely town, to savor the beauty and to slow down our days once again.