The Beauty of Grace

If it were possible to take all that Christ was and is--His mercy and love, His righteousness and holiness, His power and intelligence, His creativity and wisdom--and focus all of it for the benefit of an undeserving person, we would begin to have a sense of what God's grace is all about. We would also have to consider the world He has made for us--the beautiful and colorful sights of nature; the sounds we hear and hum; food to taste and smell; the sensation of touch on our skin; and ideas expressed through words such as love, freedom, self-sacrifice, and purpose. The multifaceted expression of Gods' greatness through what He made was a gift of grace to us at the beginning of time to show us His love and favor. Then, after we humans rebelled and fell away from God, He sent His Son to redeem a fallen world back to Himself that we might personally still know Him in His fullness. This was the fullness of His grace--God's undeserved favor toward us. His serving us in generous love through a loving, humble relationship introduces us to the essence of His personality. His grace changes our lives and is the foundation for our learning to give grace to others in our relationships."

(The Ministry of Motherhood)


It is remarkable to me, sometimes, to consider the sheer enormity of the grace of God. Looking around at the lovely home He's given me, photographs of my children who are so precious to my heart, and even a sideward glance at my overflowing inbox with notes of love from my dear friends and so many of you whom I don't know or get to see very often can overwhelm me as I consider that all of those things come my way because of His goodness.

Romans 2:4  says, "Do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?" And indeed it does. God's kindness--His great love and the blessings He has sent my way--remind me on a daily basis of His grace. And His grace leads me to repentance as I know He is eager to forgive and receive me as His child.

Keeping this in mind helps me as I discipline and train my own children. It also helps me know how to deal with people, who are likely to be sinful and in need of forgiveness, just like me! If there's anything our world could use more of, it's grace. Let us purpose to look around for reminders of the grace He has already given to us, so we can offer it to those around us today.