The Danger of Guilt......

We all have fragile points. One of mine is that I struggle, especially when I am tired and worn, with a feeling of guilt. "I should be more mature by this time. I can't believe I did this or that again." And then I let the cloud of feelings determine how I feel that God feels about me. It is one of the areas of joy that I am learning about over the last few years--that of remaining in God's great love and celebrating His forgiveness and provision for me every day, every moment--living there and not allowing Satan to diminish His gift of redemption in my life. 

 I read a great article this morning that I thought spoke to this issue very well. My friend Lynn subscribed me to this as something that comes into my in box every day--you might enjoy this, too. 

Find this great article 

Off to a day of my Tuesday morning Bible study, and my monthly Tuesday night monthly group in my home--what a group of welcome friends to come home to in order to get back into normal life. I love being home. The suitcases will have to wait for a few days. I have lift to live today.