The Destiny of the next generation depends on you!

Pierre Auguste Renoir Mere et Enfant Yesterday, I was with a little baby that had recently been adopted by a foster mom from a local family. The 7 month old baby could not sit up, lay listless, and was failure to thrive. I began to rub her sweet little head and talk enthusiastically to her and squeeze her little hand--she began to kick her little leg, her eyes began to search, looking, opening, grasping--there was a precious little personality hidden inside, but dormant from neglect. It impassioned me again to raise the clarion call of just how important these precious ones are to God--so much potential, but so fragile.

There is nothing more precious to God than the lives of His creatures. He crafted us, each of us uniquely, with the impression of His Image--his likeness, that we should become a reflection of His very nature--His love, intelligence, creative, artistic nature, civilizing, powerful, industrious personhood. And yet, then, He made us in the form of a tiny, dependent baby so that mothers would have the privilege and stewardship of molding the baby's brain, body, soul and values at her own hands. We are given this great task of preserving righteousness in every generation by being able to disciple, instruct and build our children into those who would love Him, know Him, be excellent in character, and giving His light and love to a dark world.

But, we must have a heart for our task--we must find joy, excitement, energy to realize that in our hands we hold the future of the next generation! That is why your Mom Heart Matters--you were designed by God to be the key to the next generation! But God also designed us as relational people--we need friends who hold our ideals. We need mentors who have gone before us to show us how! We need prayer and encouragement to take this high road in this time in history--to know that we are not wasting our lives, but investing in eternity! That is why we designed the Mom's Heart (previously Whole Hearted Mother) Conferences--to build a growing movement of spirituality all over the world by training moms to raise leaders in their home.) Come join us this year!

I would love to see a sweeping movement of the Holy Spirit all over the world because of moms learning to be intentional about raising wholehearted children for God's glory and see that we salt the future with godly leaders. Would you help me by writing a short blog post or putting it in your face book or twittering about it? It will be so much fun to see just what the Lord can do in this generation and to think we could have been a part of a great awakening.


Now to generate some good discussion, I would love to know what you all think of this article--The Tiger Mother--why Chinese parents produce such outstanding children. Let me know what you think about this--do you agree or disagree? I agree with some of her methods and not with other aspects--would love to hear from you!