The Gift of a Quiet Day

photo The scene outside my kitchen sink.

Sequestered in my home with "blizzard warnings" buzzing on our phones, winds blowing, snow drifting, most of Monument is indoors today to avoid the storm. An unexpected gift from the Lord where all of us at home have gathered around in holiday spirit to enjoy the haven God has granted.

Freshly milled whole-wheat, pecan, apple pancakes with bacon was breakfast served at 11:00, accompanied by rousing discussion and sharing of ideas with Sarah and Joel, Clay and me. What grace to hear the hearts alive and passionate and idealist on a day when we all expected to be busy in other places.


View from my living room window

 In my quiet living room, listening to my Pandora channel to Alexander Desplat and .......

Reading and lots of tea and coffee will be next for me--A Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L'Engle and The Long Legged House by Wendell Berry will be with me on my couch in front of the fireplace.

Praying for Joy at the nationals speech tournament in Arkansas as she gives her persuasive and learns more how to defend her ideas--and that her adventure with co-speakers would be blessed with delight and friendship.

Praying for Nathan, that God would protect him in Hollywood and lead him to other believers and bless his project.

Praying for Sarah as she grasps for high ideals and goals and the impossible that God will have to provide along the way.

Praying for Joel as he pursues his music and crafts new pieces for Easter and strains to make a living at his art, and preparing for the next step.

Asking God to bless dear Clay as he is so filled with wisdom come from living long in thought and presence of God and how we may serve Him best our autumn season, filled with years of seeing Him better and knowing his faithfulness through it all.

 photo bread and rolls

Homemade oatmeal-wheat-honey bread is rising in the kitchen which will be served with fresh potato kale soup, giving by a friend, who is an angel in disguise as a human.

Afternoon movie will be shared somewhere along the way with tea and cookies--like a holiday unexpected.

Stop! Can be such an unexpected gift when Hurry has been the mode.

May your Saturday be blessed wherever you find yourself.