The Grand Prize Giveaway Story--and one more Great giveaway!


Love this poster as our Whole Family loves the story of Aslan!

Poster by Misty Krasowski

What a fun couple of weeks it has been to celebrate the launch of my book with to many. I wanted this book to be an encouragement and inspiration for women all over the world to engage in God, His love, His generous willingness to bless us, and in the story He created you to tell.

Posters have been such a fun part of this launch and I may even have a poster contest as a grand finale for Own Your Life.

Last week, we had almost 28,000 entries for the Grand Prize. My wonderful friend and assistant, Kristen Kill and I picked the winner after midnight on Tuesday and contacted her multiple times over the next two days. For different reasons, we were unable to get a hold of her over three days.

(We have had problematic entries before.) So finally, on Friday, three days later, we picked another name on Rafflecopter, and our new winner responded within a few minutes and accepted and was absolutely thrilled.

That afternoon, I received a communication from the real winner who said she did not think she had won, hadn't even given it a consideration--and  had not seen it in her email. So gracious and sweet was her response and happy to give it to our new winner, that we all decided to give both of them a ticket to the Weekend and the plane tickets, if they were willing to come alone. Both of these sweet women were so wonderful and kind and were happy just to be coming!

I wanted to introduce you to them!


Kathy Hower , from Indiana
  We live in a small town in Indiana.  I have been married for over 11 years (been together for 20 years) and God Blessed us with a son who will be 5 in February.  I have been a stay at home mommy and will return to work in Aug./Sept.  I have loved being home with our son and watching him grow.  He is amazing little boy and such a joy.  I love being a mommy it's the best job in the world!
My passion is working with children.  I taught Head Start for 11 years and loved touching so many lives and watching them grow.
 I am amazed, in shock, excited, that I won, and can't wait for our weekend.  I am looking forward to life changing events this year.  I decided January 1st that I wanted this year to be the year I see what God wants and follow HIS will.  I want to become closer to God and I feel this trip in June will be a big part of that.  I am looking forward to "Lady time" and time with God in such a beautiful place.  Thankful and very Grateful!!!
It feels like a dream to me.  I've never won anything like this or thought I would. 
 Hi, I'm Darlene Collazo and I have 3 children. Born and raised in Pennsylvania. Daughter of the King. Proud wife. Mama. Encourager. Avid Reader. World Help Advocate. Lover of words and all things creative.
Find me writing on {In Pursuit} |, where I point women to Christ. I invite them to be agents of change in their respective spheres of influence, as they step out of their comfort zone and boldly live out the abundant life God ordained for them.
Winning this contest is a dream!
Sally Clarkson's God-given message has served as an example for several years now in my own home. I'm looking forward to growing, learning, and owning my life this year (and always). I couldn't be more excited!!
Darlene was one of the women who volunteered to be on my launch team, even though we had never met!
Sally: (I didn't even know she was hosting an Own Your Life book club! How fun is that--we get to meet and have a weekend together!)
Pray that these two women will truly be inspired and refreshed.

Many have asked if I would be doing any more intensives. I would love to host more in the years ahead. However, with a book deadline each year, my mom conferences, my blog and keeping my family and local ministry going, I just haven't been able to schedule them. However, if you keep checking here, my blog is the place where I will announce them. I promise, I will try to get to another one in the months ahead! And I may just give another ticket to the weekend away if you can find your way here! :)

And as one of the final giveaways, I want to give away something that may not apply to you, but you might be able to give it away.

I have a very dear friend here in the Colorado Springs area who runs several guest stays with Air Bed and Breakfast. She wanted to bless my audience and so she is offering 2 nights at her own rooms in downtown Colorado Springs. Amazing getaway!

If you or someone you know would like to come here for a getaway, then please share my book, with the hashtag: #ownyourlifebook by Sally Clarkson

Book_smallon facebook, on twitter, in an email to a friend or group, tell them why you like OR want to buy this book, and leave me a comment below about how and where  you shared it! Or copy the Aslan poster and share it in your social media. I will use random to pick the winner!

Come see me in Colorado Springs and have a free place to stay.



Quiet Victorian Home by Downtown in Colorado Springs

Apartment in Colorado Springs, United States. Your home away from home is a totally private apartment with its own separate entrance. It sleeps 4, with a bedroom and separate living room and a crib for a young child. She is offering 2 nights free for anyone visiting Colorado Springs. Because it is a very popular vacation rental, if you win, you will have to negotiate the dates, but Shelley has a back up option of another rental. (for more information about this wonderful complex, write: