In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.- Genesis 1:1

God, the artist created the heavens and the earth. Psalms tells us that the heavens are declaring His glory. He created a place worthy of our admiration and marvel. There are vibrant colors, pinks, fucias, purples, greens. There is texture--a puppies or kitten's fur, rough rocks, gritty sand, cool grass to lie in. Smells--lavendar, roses, coffee, bacon cooking, cook grass to lie in. Sounds to enjoy-the rush of a waterfall, to lure of music, the growl of al lion. Movement to be experienced--dancing in the breeze, running swiftly in the sunshine, swimming in pools of water. Words to ponder--romantic phrases, inspiring exhaltatations, soothing and comforting and loving. Thoughts to think and ponder--scientific order and origins, computers, trains, cars to create, stories to touch the heart, psalms to lift our minds to heaven. There is no end to what we could think of to ponder the artistry of God.

In Romans 1: 20, we read that, "His invisible attributes, His eternal power and His divine nature" have been clearly seen through what was made, so that people are without excuse when they don't believe in Him.

As we were reading this verse this week, a lesson about His design lived itself out before us! Two mountain jays continued to build a nest high in the tree outside of our window. A pesky squirrel creeped up to the nest as he adeptly climbed the tree to the top and was just about to pounce on the imagined eggs that are out of our sight. The two jays began squawking and swept down upon the squirrel and chased him through the yard. It was such a fun sight to behold. Joy commented that if even the birds take care to build a home for their eggs and then fiercely protect the precious eggs, that shouldn't adults, made in His image, do even more!

As I have pondered this the past few days, I have thought that if God's creation bespoke of His attributes, nature, and power, shouldn't the composing of our own homes and crafting of the art inside our homes also speak of His artistry--His nature, His power, His attributes? Colors, sounds, textures, words, music, tastes--all alluring and beautiful and meaningful? The most important attribute, however, should be His diving nature--revealed through the way we live in front of our children. They should be surrounded with the oxygen of His love, thanksgiving to Him, energy to create and work, wisdom to share, --that every day, our children are confronted with the living God by the work of our hands and the labor of love we accomplish in His name and through His power inside of us. Our home life and atmosphere are what truly build excellence and intelligence and soul into the warp and woof of our children's being--the daily investing by each moment lived in the presence and for the audience of our divine creator.


Many years ago, I started having a "holiday" table--Actually, I do change centerpieces, put out a new array of books, change the front door entrance planter, and redo the coffee tables in my living room and den. But, I want my home to be an interesting, captivating, creative and colorful place. I use small lidded plastic boxes to put the decorations in--(the valentines box has numerous kinds of hearts that friends have given me over the years--some to hang, some candles, some glass trinkets' the fall box contains some leaf and floral arrangements; July 4th box, red, white and blue stuff and a George Washington statue, etc. etc.)

At this point, though, I have what I call a holiday table, that is always changed first. It is the place where people always come in. I bought a large, old English antique hutch at a second hand store. It stands in our entrance hall. The top of the hutch makes a natural place to bring color and beauty in the welcoming part of our home. At Christmas, there is an old creche that my grandmother crafted with her own hands. At Easter, it is decorated with pussy-willows ornamented with delicate painted eggs hung with care, collected in markets in Vienna and Poland when we were missionaries.

This week, I decided to make it a blue table--with spring objects and pretties---a colorful plate with a finch surrounded by boughs of spring, bright blue flowers and a lovely glass maiden, as well as a wonderful dark blue tea pot and cups--just given to me as a surprise by an angel friend who graced me with a gift which completed a small set I had begun. Always on our tables and around the house are candles (always in glass so I don't burn the house down!) and books displayed. I have a couple of lovely children's poetry books that are displayed on every page with a classical piece of art. Great for spring display!

If our homes are filled with beauty and the shadow of God's creativity, our children will not only hear the messages of our devotions and prayers, and school books, but they will breathe in the atmosphere of color, great tastes and smells, dancing music, great stories, loving hand rubs or back tickles and they will expand in their souls to understand that our God, the original artist and designer, is indeed worthy or our love and adoration--because they will know that He is the author of all things great and alive with His pleasure and blessing.

(Now to all of you wonderful moms--I would like to abuse you a little! Please forgive my taking advantage of you. Joel, my 21 year old, and Sarah, my almost 24 year old, are taking a trip to Boston next week. I was wondering if there would be any families along the way who would be willing to keep them in your home overnight! Clay and I would feel so much better knowing they were in good company and safe! They will be traveling toward Boston through Iowa and Illinois and then upward and coming back down on their way to Kentucky to visit my oldest friend who is almost like their own aunty--who lives in Earlington, Ky. If this sounds like an acceptable adventure to any of you, you can write me at or to Joel at or Sarah at They also need a family to stay with in the Boston area. Thanks ahead of time for your loving and generous concern--it has been one of our greatest joys over the years to meet such wonderful friends as we traveled! You can hear some of Joel's music and his newest composition by going to . The Night as Bright as Day is his newest composition. The picture on this website is when he and Sarah had just come out of a rainstorm and had caught a train in England where they worked last summer. A prayer or two for God's guidance and favor in his life would also be appreciated! Aren't I the pushy mom? :) )

Blessings to each of you today and grace in your moments!

Sally (Sally@wholeheart for those of you who have been asking for my personal email! I read everyone--but am often so busy with my daily life, I don't get to answer all that I should, but I do read and pray for my sweet moms in cyberspace each day!)

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