The Joy of Friendship that sustains the heart

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, Coming down upon the beard, Even Aaron’s beard, Coming down upon the edge of his robes. It is like the dew of Hermon Coming down upon the mountains of Zion; For there the Lord commanded the blessing—life forever." ~Psalm 133

I love this picture! Not only because the colors are so soft and beautiful, but because it depicts women working together--and, I'm sure, enjoying their work so much more for the comaraderie.

We're talking about the joy to be found in God's gift of friendship today at MomHeart.

We need look no further than our computer/phone screens for proof of this chapter’s title! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … all full of, “Look where we went!” and, “Guess what my child just did?” and, “You have to try these amazing cupcakes!”

Yep. Delight multiplies when we experience it in community—even after the fact.

God knew it would be this way..."

After a full morning out chattering, talking, laughing and sharing deep soul issues with Sarah, my 28 year old daughter at a little French cafe, my joy became "fuller" because I felt heard, understood, shared life and lived in the love we have shared over many years. Joy was meant to be relational. We must work diligently in this isolationist world to build relationships.

I hope you'll pop over to MomHeart Online today for the rest of this discussion on chapter seven of Dancing With My Father!

And I pray you find yourself surrounded by friends. If not, maybe you'll be inspired to find some? Many around you are lonely, too! Invite someone over for tea, or out for a lunch date or something fun. And do it soon! You won't regret it.