The Most Important Work in the World C.S.Lewis

cslewis-1“A challenging career suddenly seemed more productive to me because I could measure the results of my work. These precious little ones had endless needs. They were busy little sinful creatures who demanded all of my body, time, life, emotions, and attention! As much as I loved my children, I often felt like a failure. Surely someone else could do a better job with these precious ones than I. And what exactly was I supposed to be accomplishing anyway? Was I wasting my time?” -The Mission of Motherhood

Mission of Motherhood

Being a mother doesn't come free of struggle, difficulty, and hardship. Many moments in my life were filled with imperfect moments that overwhelmed me with stress. It is easy for us to sometimes imagine what else we could be doing. A more glamorous job, something overseas, something with meaning.

In the midst of the mundane tasks of laundry, cleaning, cooking meals, and bathing children, we often forget how incredibly important the task of motherhood truly is. God has entrusted us with lives to steward. We are responsible for the growth and education of these little lives that have the ability to flourish into world changers. Our children are the future of our culture. This generation will face many battles, and God has given us the job of preparing them for combat.

No meal, clean house, or blog article is more important than mothering your precious children. Psalm 127:3 says:

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward."

I am fully aware that in the midst of children fighting, a cluttered home, and extremely loud noises, you may not be viewing your children as a reward. Your patience, grace, love, and understanding in those moments of stress are what will cultivate your children into healthy, flourishing adults.

Never forget that God has a plan and a purpose for your life as a mother. He must think highly of you, as has trusted you with the most important job.