The pinnacle of one's life is.......

The Joy of my life

34 ladies in my home last night for dinner

discussions, teaching, chattering, praying

Joy, Sarah, Christie, Jack, Reesie, Jackson, the kids serving, helping, speaking

This morning, I made a favorite breakfast for my sweet girls who are exhausted from helping. The conversations are flowing and their sweet hearts are open. Discipleship is an every moment, all the time, looking for the opportunity to pass on truth.

So, have you made any observations about the women here and what we are learning?

This leads to divine appointements.

Mom, I think the pinnacle of a person's life is not the early years when they are a teenager and life seems all about them. It seems that probably every generation feels immortal.Like my generation who says "we will be eternally young." But the pinnacle of one's life is constantly growing towards that point when a women gets older and can look back and say, "I have left a legacy of a family who holds the life of God, I have raised godly children, I have taught women the righteous path, I have loved my God. It is the work of a lifetime that makes a woman have a grand legacy."

wisdom from Joy

Oh to see them "get it" amidst ministry, conversation, and loving real live people.