The Power of a gentle touch

"It is enough; now, O Lord, take my life, for I am not better than my fathers." And he lay down and slept under a juniper tree; and behold there was an angel touching him, and he said, "Arise and eat." I Kings 19:4-5

What a wonderful time we had in Charlotte with so many moms last weekend. Great talks and discussions and I think the Lord met with so many in their place of need. I was so grateful to be a part and was blessed by so many moms--seeing old friends, connecting with new--and later on, when I have time, I will even show you a new favorite tea cup that was given to me by an angel, but I have to hurry now as I have to teach a history class soon.

But, I do put a lot of energy into speaking and the older I get, I find myself completely drained afterwards. I feel like Jesus in the parable about the woman who touched the hem of his garment and "the strength went out of him." And so sometimes I feel, that "the strength literally goes out of me."

But last night, after we had been reading a book outloud and had a great dinner, Joy came to me and said, "Mom, I have a surprise for you. Go take a hot bath and before you get into the tub, I want to put an avocado mask on you that I was reading about." So, I obeyed gladly and she smoothed avocado all over my face with extra for the wrinkles.

After I got out of my bath, she made me close my eyes and led me by the hand into my bedroom. When I opened my eyes, she had gathered about 10 candles and lit them all over my room. She had put on instrumental music and laid out towels and a pillow for me to lay on. She then gave me a hand massage and filed my nails; gave me a wonderful foot message with great smelling lotion; and followed up with a back and shoulder massage. I cannot tell you how the stress went out of my body and I felt like I had been touched by an angel. I slept so soundly last night and every time I awakened, a smile came to my face as I remembered the service of this precious 13 year old and the last words--"Mom, I love you so much and I just wanted to show you my love."

Sometimes when I am exhausted or drained, I really don't need anyone to settle my problems or bring answers. I just need sleep or rest. But I also think there is a healing power to touch and affection. Her touch literally melted me last night and gave me rest.

I found over the years that often, the way to reach my boys was by scratching their backs or giving them a shoulder massage at night. I think it is so interesting that after Elijah was totally worn out after confronting Ahab and all of his entourage and also Jezebel, that he became depressed and discouraged. Then we read (two times) that the angel touched him and gave him food, after he had slept.

God has given us physical bodies. They need rest, refreshment and touch. Affection settles crying babies, it stimulates their minds and brain waves, it causes very sick people to get better. How grateful I am, that even though I didn't know I needed it, that God sent an angel to me last night to touch me and minister to me. It is the first time she has ever done this in such an elaborate way, but I will never forget this gift of love and the sweet friend who administered it to me!

Today, hug those you love, touch the disgruntled, kiss and scratch backs and you who are weary, get rest and sleep and relax and refresh. Grace and peace to you all.