The Secret of French Women's Beauty

I read an article recently that said, "French women are beautiful because they think they are beautiful and act accordingly." There is something to this. Scripture tells us, "As a man thinks, so is He."

Sometimes when I have to go to reunions or family gatherings (like my mom's memorial), or to speak in a new place, I will think, "I wonder if I can lose 10 pounds in the next 3 days." Or" maybe I can get a new haircut or something else and look 30 years younger and 20 pounds lighter.

Just a girl-thing, I guess.

Sometimes I try to spiritualize it away.

But in the end, I have to just accept who I am.

So, I think I will try to adopt this philosophy,

My kids have said in the past year, "Mom, at your age, it is normal to be squishy. We don't want you to be a hard body like a 20 year old." And they mean it in the kindest way.

At any rate, I think today, I will put on my French self and act as though I am as beautiful as my sweet, children see me, and live in the grace of the moment with a smile on my heart.