The secret to a noble and pure heart

Every day, we have 24 hours to invest our lives in what will matter for eternity. But the place in which nobility, civility, graciousness flows out of is the heart in the every day, little moments of our day. Each day we will be tempted to act in a manner that is harsh, impatient, unloving, judgmental of others--lashing out because the other person was harsh, impatient, ......... Yet, the only way to overcome these temptations and end life with a wise, peacemaking, loving, gentle heart, is to invest in our heart every day by being with the source of all goodness and loving-kindness, the Lord Jesus. Hebrews 1 tells us that He is the exact representation of God--He speaks God's words, He shows His heart, He manifests His wisdom. 

Jesus said, "I am humble and meek. Learn from me." This seems to be my pondering of the year. Learn from Him. He didn't revile when he was reviled. He loved and gave grace to Peter when he fell. He washed 120 toes the night before he died and ended serving those for whom He would die.

The more I regularly invest my heart, my commitments, my faith, my love in my relationship to my Lord, king, model and friend, the more, my own heart will be noble and pure. And the place where reality marries truth is in my obedience, each second, each moment, each day. Seeking to emulate his life, choosing to obey, against my feelings, those things he spoke to my heart in the privacy of my time with Him.

May He fill me today with His words, His presence, His love so that I may practice in the moments of this day, all that He has shown me in our time together. May I repent when I fall short. May I live in His mercy and grace and extend it to those, who like me, so deeply need to feel it today.