The Secret to Raising Children Well! 10 Books to Give Away!

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The Darling Wood Girls when I first knew them.

“Prayer is not appointed for providing God with information of what we need, but is designed as a confession to Him of our sense of need.”I will never forget the moment.

A.W. Pink

Nashville sings sweet memories in my heart when I remember the wonderful friends and great memories as I passionately gathered my convictions, dreams and ideals about how to be a godly mama. During that time, the Lord gave me precious friends who shaped their ideals on the same thoughts. Tony and Terri Wood were such friends. Knowing their precious children amidst the fray of our children's young lives and now seeing their family as adults, grown and still intact, is a pleasure of living long enough! But the Woods and Clay and I know that the secret of seeing God work in amazing ways in and through the lives of our children, was our dependence on Him through prayer. I love it when Dad's write heartfelt books from their own life experiences and Tony recently wrote a wonderful book I wanted him to share with you. 

Not only is Tony a committed Dad, but he is also sort of famous to my family. He has been in the music industry for many years, a multiple Dove award winner, a Dove nominee for songwriter of the year, 27 #1 songs, over 600 songs recorded in the CCM market and a staff writer for Word Music.  Tony has written a wonderful book and as a special Mother's Day present to my friends, he has offered to give 10 books to you. I asked him to share part of his story here. 


Here is a part of his story!

It was one I had hoped to experience . . . one I had thought about often. Then, there it was, “We’re pregnant!” A thrill of joy, a rush of unbelievable gratitude, tears of shared happiness . . . then followed by a cold crashing wave of absolute terror!! What have I done? What do I know about raising a child? I’m suddenly in way over my head. Completely unqualified!

 Who really feels adequate for raising a child?

Like on so many occasions when life it overwhelming, it sent me to my knees. “God, I need you. I need your wisdom, I need your help, I need your strength . . . I am aware of my lack of these things and of your sufficiency for all of them.”

These were my first prayers about parenting . . . if you don’t count the prayers asking for the privilege of becoming a parent. My first prayers were actual declarations of my inability . . . my shortcomings . . . my need. Though through the years there would be many other kinds of prayers (gratitude for God’s goodness, provision and protection of my kids; confession for times I blew it as a dad . . .), declarations of my need would form the basis for decades of talking to God about my children . . . and my children would give me plenty of reasons to cry out to Him!

Among the moments I remember along the way: a daughter who is such an adventurous spirit that she didn’t mind climbing over the fence on a stranger’s property to jump on the back of a horse just to see if she could ride it; a daughter who had heard the gospel on countless occasions and was into her teenage years and still saying “I think I’m just not ready”; a petite daughter who delighted in playing on the high school rugby team; a daughter who lost passion for her chosen profession during her senior year in college . . . . . all of these, among thousands of other big and small requests, kept my wife and I on our knees together and individually.

I was able to draw upon these moments, and a thousand other incidents recently to write prayers on over two hundred topics to help other parents (and grandparents) in praying for their children. My book A PARENT’S BOOK OF PRAYERS has a format similar to JESUS CALLING but is one prayer a day highlighting some present or future need in your child’s life.

Find it and buy it here:


It’s my prayer that this resource will help others to be more diligent and faithful in prayer for their children.

Tony Wood

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