The Wonder of a Child's Emerging Walk with God


I think one of the most fulfilling things I've experienced as a mother is watching the flourishing of my children's little spirits as I nurture them. Coming to motherhood later in life, I knew my main goal was to disciple my little ones, just as I'd discipled others for many years. Of course, squalling babies weren't really ready to spout long passages of memorized Scripture or discourse on theological matters. But it was amazing to me how much they did learn--and early on!

I didn't realize how fulfilling it would be to walk with my children day by day as their spirits softened to God. What an unexpected joy it has been to talk to our children every day about Jesus, to tell them of His love for us, and our love for Him, and to see them begin to love Him in their own ways. I have patiently explained God's plan for their lives, wondering if they were paying any attention, then listened in amazement in other conversations as my instruction came back to me with clarity and insight. As I have watched each of them begin to pray to God, I have sent my own prayers of thanks and praise back to the Father for His work in their lives. And, of course, what a joyful experience it has been for Clay and me to gently guide our children to the Savior and see them receive Him into their hearts. 

There is nothing quite like the experience of handing down to my children our family's convictions and values about the Christian life. We want them to believe what we believe about the Bible, marriage, sex, family, femininity and masculinity, leadership, service, temptation, sin, gifts, ministry and so many more areas. It has been a surprising and deeply satisfying joy for me to know that I have had the privilege of shaping and filling my children's hearts. I don't think it occurred to me before we began this journey just how jealous I would be for their hearts, and how protective I would be of the ideas and values we give them that would be challenged by others outside our family unit. But how glad I am that I have them to train and shape!"

~from Seasons of a Mother's Heart

Now as they've grown and gone on into their own spheres of influence (with frequent pit stops back home for refreshment as well as coming to bless us!) it's wonderful to see all the Lord has accomplished. How grateful I am for the Lord's directions to me, day by day, as He assured me that my days spent discipling them were days well spent.


We're talking today at MomHeart Online about what it means to be a ministering mother. How do we encourage our children to see themselves as ministers? Come join us for questions from Chapter 11 of The Mission of Motherhood plus a little video from me!