Today, be the most excellent you can be, because...

image6Today, I am working on a book that I hope will encourage many of you--the writing of it is profoundly shaping and encouraging my life. Today, be the most excellent you can be, because you will never have another opportunity to glorify God in this day again. This is the day He has made--how will you live it well?

Today--Be set apart for God in everything you do--your attitude first of all

Your love--let it be generous

Your work--let it be energetic

Your teaching--let it be inspiring because you have been inspired by Him

Your joy--let it bubble over--look at His fingerprints in every corner of your life today.

Your friendships--appreciate those who are in your heart--your children, husband, friends--tell them how much you are thankful for them

Notice Him today--and thank Him for all that He brings to mind--the sunset, the beauty of a child, the color of a leaf, the taste of coffee and whip cream

This is the day He has made for you--make it an epic story to remember and for your children to remember in the years to come--

Let your "will" discipline your heart so that you may do all of these things--remember, He lives in you and He is capable of more than you can imagine.

You are capable of more than you think--strain towards the holy and you shall become holy!

You can also find me today at this wonderful new site,, writing about slowing down all the fussing!

"Learning to accept the personality of my son through the e-conference has given me new windows into his heart. Thanks for sharing these truths. They have been life-changing for me." TM

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