Today, I am grateful for time to read

I am sitting in my little library, looking out at the aspens in our driveway, noticing that fall is almost over and enjoying the color.

I am reading The Yearling, one of the best old books, and the theme of some great music I have been listening to by an artist, a family favorite and friend. More about that later.

I drank Pumpkin Pie Latte on the way home from church because my sweet friend, Rachael told me they were so delicious. (Thanks, Rachael, you are right.)

Loved church this morning and love people who make me want to worship Him more.

Having tea time with Sarah and Clay with Carrot Cake.

Listening to Nathan's acoustic music and thinking how much I like his songs.

Thinking about how much I enjoyed having Joel home and how I love it that he is terribly idealistic.

Having left over pizza with Sarah and Clay with Salad and so glad not to be cooking again.

Looking forward to having everyone home over Thanksgiving and planning the meals.

Praying for Joy in her speech tournament and hoping she has a good day and gets some sleep. (I can still mother from far away.)

Thinking how grateful I am to have so many friends out there and how I pray for you so often.

Now to my books.....a nap...a walk....and who knows what else.