Today, I will sing, dance, laugh, love and be a child once again

Laughing Child by Frans Hals

"Come clean with a child heart Laugh as peaches in the summer wind Let rain on a house roof be a song Let the writing on your face be a smell of apple orchards on late June." Carl Sandburg Honey and Salt

Itakejoy was begun because I wanted to celebrate life every day--to intentionally see God's fingerprints, to find His joy, to feel His love in every moment, throughout the day. This world is the dark, broken place where Satan lurks and prowls like a lion to destroy, devastate, steal from the beauty our master craftsman displayed for our pleasure.

What better way to battle him and the darkness he spreads by choosing, this moment, to sing, dance, laugh, love and to cultivate a child heart.

Amidst piles of duties, burdens of tasks to be completed, one must fight to celebrate this joy and to glimpse His fleeting shadow all around us. Becoming like a child--taking time to wonder, to marvel at a rolling, hairy caterpillar, to really feel the hot sun on your face, to lie in the grass under the piercing light of a shooting star--all this requires a heart that is willing to celebrate and wants to praise and willing to stop in the moment to see.

"I tell you the truth, unless you become like a child, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Mt. 18:3

May you joy in this day, see through the eyes of your children and fill to fulness your child self in the arms of your heavenly Father. Take joy!