Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it!


Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it---at least I hope so!

Disaster! Last night was not at all what I hoped for us to be able to talk. Tempted to give up---but I shall keep going and finding a better server and host for our sweet mamas who gathered!

Please forgive me!

I am sooo sorry about last night! OOOohhhhhhh my! What difficulties we had. About 4 people were accepted to Google and then it started crashing. We didn't know that we would have 1100, as many signed up at the last, and  women coming for the hang out and I guess that if everyone registers at once, it causes the server to crash.

I didn't know we were on so that everyone could see us, fumbling and bumbling around---another part I was not expecting to be recorded for life! So if you have the Google hangout, you get to see us figuring it out, and all sorts of antics!

Please forgive us for all who were disappointed! I was quite disappointed, as well, as I do not want to waste anyone's time. But, someone told me it was on youtube and so I just started in and talked and talked.

We had our 6 topical areas and verses all arranged, but I just decided to jump in as my host was distracted with all the technicalities. And so I quickly tried to say many things I had prepared in the middle of the technological difficulties. Hope some of it blesses!

For those of you who didn't get to see it and want to watch it, you can go to the connection below, and I will embed it to my blog tomorrow after I get some sleep.

Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it.....yet! Said Anne of Green Gables! I thought of her tonight! We shall try again and have people sign on 15 minutes early next time.

Again, I am sooo sorry this happened.

Fast forward to about 31 minutes and that is around where it starts!

Remember--it officially starts at around 26 minutes! Hope somehow this is encouraging!