Tonight in Boston, featuring the original music of Joel Clarkson!

Joel, 24, was chosen as one of three composers of the year from amongst his professors at Berklee School of Music.

Joy and I are here celebrating his life and accomplishments with him, amidst chattering, eating at a classic Italian Restaurant on the North side; piling all three of us in our hotel bed to chat, watch a movie and be friends. And I keep sneaking peaks at him, marveling that this is my son, he is so fine, so wonderful, so amazing and so thoughtful. (After all, I am his mother!)

Here is what they printed of Joel in the concert program:

Joel Clarkson was born in Vienna, Austria. Just like the great figures of musical history associated with his city of birth, Joel showed a strong affinity for music and harmony at a very young age. He spent his childhood in an artistically-bent home environment that exposed him to a wide range of musical influences, both from the classical repertoire, and from contemporary genres. He began participating in professional music and theatre at a young age, from a lead role in a seasonal production with the Texas Amphitheatre, to a spot with the Texas Boys Choir. Joel continued in his teenage years to self-instruct himself on multiple instruments, including the piano and guitar, and worked out that pursuit through various performance opportunities. In 2009, Joel enrolled at Berklee College of Music. Throughout his time at Berklee, Joel quickly gained favor, appearing on the Dean’s list numerous times, and in 2010 was the recipient of the Berklee Achievement Award. During his studies, Joel also released two full-length instrumental recordings of his original pieces.  In the Fall of 2010, he began a Composer Residency, working with students at Lexington High School. Joel is excited to prospectively graduate from Berklee in the Spring of 2011, with a degree in Composition.

You may hear a movement from one of the pieces being performed by placing your curser on the songs below. The second is a song from his second album. (Takes a while to load.)

Out of Silence, for Piano Trio

Walking In Knyghtwood

Can't wait for this evening with my precious son! So proud of him!