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Little Joy at 3 when she had bouts of nocturnal asthma, the first story Mission of Motherhood

"I want my home to be a laboratory of life, a place where my children and husband may flourish and feel loved, encouraged, spiritually refreshed, and emotionally prepared to face the work God has for them in life. I want it to be a place where they can learn in safety yet be challenged to grow."

"I also want my home to be the best place to be in the minds of my family. Peace and acceptance, excellence and a passion for living, comfort and funn–I want all these qualities to come to my children’s minds when they think about home. If I can succeed in creating a nurturing environment that speaks peace to their souls even as it helps them grow, I will feel that I have done my job as keeper of my domain."

"I had years of time as a single woman when I was ruler over most of my minutes. I decided when I would eat, sleep, vacation, work, or meet someone for lunch. I decided these issues according to my needs and desires. But once I had my children, as any mother will understand, my time was never my own again! Children simply don’t fit into neat little time packages.…children, by definition, take up our time. They’re supposed to do that; it’s the way God made them. But if we don’t recognize or accept that fact…as many mothers today don’t–we’re bound to make things difficult for ourselves and our children."

All of this from Mission of Motherhood, by me! Sally Clarkson

Join me today with a video and the beginning of a book discussion and online study of The Mission of Motherhood

 In The Mission of Motherhood Sally moves beyond inspiration and encouragement, to instruction, vision, and mission as she explores the biblical design of God for mothers that transcends cultures and trends. Drawing on challenging insights from Scripture enlightened by her own experiences as a mother for 18 years, Sally draws a biblical and very personal portrait of motherhood that reveals the heart of God for all mothers of all times. This book, filled with personal anecdotes and stories, will refresh your vision for biblical motherhood, renew your commitment to your precious children, and prayerfully bring the reviving Spirit of God into your home and family.


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