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So happy to be home. I feel as though I have crossed a finish line of a race--5 conferences in 7 weeks, suitcases, hauling book boxes, waiting in airports, eating unusual, unfamiliar food, and dealing with hotel staff of all sorts and then of course having the privilege of being with, sharing with, speaking to hundreds and hundreds of women. Again the grace of God carried us through. And still the conviction burns in our hearts even stronger that the consequences of what takes place in the home will indeed determine the soul and character of the next generation.  And of course, thoughts, ideas, convictions are stirring in me anew--but most of all, and first of all, I get to make my home a real home again--a place of life and beauty and love and stability and refresh my sweet ones who have been working by our sides. My best work is my children and my husband and my home for others to come to and sense the life-giving, sweet fragrance of Christ in our home.

So, I am off today to regroup, have a long tea time breakfast with Joy to share hearts and ideas and make plans for the next months ahead and to declutter and to just enjoy the deep pleasures of my family

My sweet friend is such a resource of interesting places to find and use and she knows I love having pictures, prints and such on my walls. This is a great source of meaningful and fun decor you can use in your home and especially in bedrooms for your sweet ones. 

I love the many designs and options.