Want your children to read more? Rain gutter bookshelves!

Wow! What a flurry of activity in my home the past few days--book giveaways, interviews, Joel making an album, Sarah figuring out business taxes, trying to keep Joy centered in her schooling and everyone still wants to eat!  The comments and emails and facebooks have been so encouraging. Please forgive me for not keeping up--but the response has been so sweetly encouraging--makes me want to keep writing. Bless all of you for writing to me!

One of my keys to give me time to work on everything is to give a goal of a reading marathon. I choose magazines, books, picture books and bribe with a tray of tea and honey toast. I have noticed when I put books out in baskets, on table tops, and make them "seeable", I get someone reading something all the time. 

This concept was covered in this great article with a similar idea.

 But this article will share the main details. Happy reading.