Weaving a Love of Reading into the Fabric of Your Family--an e-conference!

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Monday Night
April 28, 7:00 Mountain time, 8:00 Central, 9:00 Eastern (6:00 Pacific)
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How can parents cultivate heroic hearts in their children? What is imagination, and why is it vital to a child's education? What role do great books play in shaping a child's perception of self? How do parents develop mental muscle in their children, helping them to learn to think clearly, build a vocabulary and cultivate convictions and critical thinking?
The Clarksons have cultivated conferences to address the need for excellence in educating children while reaching their hearts for God. Sally and Sarah will each speak for 45 minutes and host a 15 minute question and answer at the end of the two talks. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up soon. (This conference is a special price, as it includes two talks for the price of one. This time we have an extra video coverage in case the network goes down again! Trying to have our bases covered and hiring extra help and equipment to assure the best video! We had to cancel the Parenting e-conference when Clay's mom had a stroke, but will host it sometime later this summer.)
Sally's Talk

 Join Sally Clarkson will speak about Developing Mental Muscles as she lays foundational principles that were used in their home to inspire their children to become self-motivated learners and thinkers. Education is not just a matter of choosing the right curriculum, but instead a process of capturing a child's attention, inspire their heart and motivating them to want to learn and to engage in great thinking skills.

A home is  a natural place to cultivate academic excellence, critical thinking skills and the capacity to think and communicate clearly, with simple means. Education should be a natural process that cooperates with the home, without adding excessive pressure to consume large workbooks, or  working through impersonal text books and trying to cover too many subjects.

Sarah's Talk

 We are story-formed souls right down to the roots of our being. We are narrative by nature, driven from birth to discover who told us alive, and to what good ending we are headed. But we lose sight of that in our practical and unimaginative age. In our pressured drive to do many things, we forget what we were created to be: heroes and heroines in the great true tale of God.

Stories remind us of our identity and they are deeply formative to the heart and soul of a child. They kindle children's imaginations and help them to gain a vision for all they are called to do and become. My parents gave me the great gift of a childhood filled and formed by the best stories they could find. My goal in this talk is simply to help you give that gift to your children as well.

Sarah's Talk: Caught up in a Story, based on her newest book,will inspire you to reach your children's hearts with stories that will capture their hearts. Following the five points of dramatic arc, we will explore how great books can be a parent's best ally in forming and filling their child's mind and heart through every phase of childhood. We will explore the power of imagination, the way that stories drive character formation, and how the gift of a great vocabulary can expand your child's ability to dream. I'll even read aloud from a few of my favorite books as we celebrate the soul-forming power of story to help children imagine, and live, a great story of their own.



In her new book, and in the talk with the same title, Caught Up in A Story, Sarah Clarkson answers these vital questions, demonstrating how great books can be a parent's best ally in shaping a child to love what is beautiful, pursue what is good, and grasp what is true. Drawing on her own story-formed childhood and her long study of children's literature, Sarah Clarkson explores and celebrates the soul-forming power of story to help children imagine, and live, a great story of their own.


Sarah Clarkson, Sally's oldest daughter

Sarah is a freelance writer and editor currently at work on Hope with Feathers, her first piece of children’s fiction. Sarah is the founder and editor of Storyformed.com, an online community and resource center for families who want to discover the glories of imagination, the formative influence of story, and the soul-shaping power of beautiful words. As editor at Storyformed Books (an imprint of Wholeheart Press), she oversees the publication of a new line of fiction and essay collections designed for families ready to delve into the world of good books.

Sarah speaks regularly on topics such as story and imagination, the spiritual and educational power of beauty, literature, reading, and loneliness. She blogs personally at ThoroughlyAlive.com, and is also a regular contributor at the delightful RabbitRoom.com. Sarah has worked with Summit Ministries as a student mentor, and spent time as a student at Oxford University in England. When not traveling to exotic places, reading fascinating books, or sharing coffee and ideas with kindred souls, she can be found at home in Colorado, in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


Sally Clarkson, an author of 9 books, has educated her 4 children at home for 25 years. (Sarah, 30, is an author of three books; Joel, 27, is a composer and orchestrator for original compositions and has recorded 3 albums of original music; Nathan, 25  is an actor and just wrote and produced his first movie, Confessions of a Prodigal Son; Joy, 18, is a junior at Biola University and is on the debate team.)  Join Sally as she explains basic foundations of the educational principles she and her husband used to cultivate her children into independent thinkers, and to inspire them to own their own messages.

Clay and Sally are known for their book: Educating the Whole Hearted Child and have spoken to groups about Homeschooling all over the world for 20 years.


Whole Heart Ministry is publishing Sarah's newest book, Caught Up in a Story: Fostering a Story-formed Life of Great Books and Imagination with Your Children. The book will launch in May.

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