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path-photo-2.jpg He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name sake. Psalm 23: 3

I'm so happy you joined me at my new blog site. The winds of change have been blowing through my life, and consequently, I have been pondering how I can simplify my life. The pace seems faster than ever and yet I really believe God is whispering for me to slow down. I am not sure exactly what my path will look like in the days ahead, but I know that if I allow Him to lead me, He will lead me in the right paths and it will be filled with His goodness.

Why the change of name from Itakejoy to Sally Clarkson? Because my books, e-conferences, facebook page, twitter, articles all have Sally Clarkson on them, people have written to me many times saying, "I would never have found you by searching for joy because I didn't know what the name of your blog was!" And so this is a way to simplify--to have everything coming to my name. You can find all the many blog posts from years gone by on the tab above, so everything is still there. Only my sweet fellow writers' blogs have moved, but you can find them at our ministry website at www.wholeheart.org

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I am still pondering how best to invest my life in the years ahead. These are some of the commitments I want to pursue:

*To have time to be more personal and present in loving people well, to focus on real relationships that God has placed in my path, and to support my sweet children and family with all of my energy and heart

*To free up some of my brain space that is currently filled with deadlines and duties to be able to be still with God more often, to pray more, to listen to Him more.

*To notice the immediate, present joyful moments of the daily miracles--a sunset, a flower in a vase, a song, a smile, the face of my sweet ones.

*To cook real food and serve many at my table so that they can find sanctuary in my home and in my presence

*To have time to read real books and less social media

*To enjoy my home, my life, the days God has given me with as much peace and joy as is possible--and to be able to rejoice in each day

*To be filled in my heart, mind and soul instead of feeling drained too often

And so I am seeking to simplify. I may not write here as often, but I hope when I write it will be poignant and thoughtful.

You can help me, please.

As I have pondered how to focus more on my priorities, I have been praying about what to cut back--

It seems I can't keep up all the ministry projects I have been pursuing the past few years and still have a still centered life.

So, what do you think is the most valuable tool to help encourage sweet mamas? What do you find most helpful?

Writing books to inspire?

Writing blogs to encourage?

Hosting Mom Heart conferences?

Hosting e-conferences, video conferences?

Having Leadership Intensive Trainings in my home so that I can more deeply encourage just a few?

I will be cutting back on some things so I can focus on just a few things--your input would be most appreciated.

This week, to celebrate my new site, I will be hosting some fun giveaways every day, so tell your friends to be sure to join me here.

I am excited about ideas that are developing inside. Meanwhile, I pray God will encourage you to enjoy and cultivate your wonderful home--that place where His life dwells and where your children are soaking up your love.