What am I supposed to do?


Now that I have raised 4 children into adulthood, and find, by God's grace, they are all reasonably intelligent, moving ahead with ideas and inspiration and relative accomplishment, love the Lord and growing in that direction and love us, I have closed the door on a season of my life.

I am no longer in the "raising my children" phase, but I am at a moving on to another season, supporting and loving my children, but mostly done with those initial phases of training, educating and inspiring.

Now this is the dilemma. Many of my wonderful younger friends, including Sarah Mae, say, "There are no mentors out there. We need more moms to help us, encourage us."

Having been immersed in this whole role and calling for so many years, I can get lost in the forest for the trees.

So my question to you is:

What are the burning topics that you wish you could ask a mom like me?

What are the biggest issues in your life?

What should I write articles on?

I realize that by God's grace, I have made it through pretty well. But now that I have done it so long and so much is second nature to me, I don't remember exactly how I got here or what people would want to know.

So, I ask you to please help me.

Please answer some of the questions below as well as add your own input.

1. What is the biggest mothering issue in your life that you wish someone would address?

2. Do you want me to write about homeschooling or even just education issues in the home no matter what educational choice?

3. What are spiritual topics that are relevant to you?

4. What are personal issues that you wish I would address?

5. What other topics do you like to see discussed?

6. What aspects of child life do you wish you had more help with?

7. Should I write about marriage?

8. Practical areas--like cooking, baking, house organization, traditions, what areas of practical life appeal to you?

9. Do you like or not like videos and or podcasts--which is preferable, writing, or voice.

10. Would you rather have more information or encouragement (longer articles) or shorter articles cut up over several days?

Thanks ahead of time. I am often tempted to quit blogging because I speak so often and teach a lot and have written a lot of books and so I feel like there is nothing more to say or share--so your input will help me a lot!

So should I spend my time writing more books (lots of ideas here) or keep going with blogs and writing fewer books.

And truth is--when I get more comments and help in getting the word out, I feel like what I am writing is hitting the target. When there are few comments and not as much help in getting a wider audience, I wonder if I should just write more books and maybe rest the blog for a while--your input would help.