what are the chances.........?

I am getting ready to have a 3 day intensive leadership conference in my home with wonderful women from all over the United States and a few from other countries. So, I am writing talks and organizing details and in the midst of arranging my speakers and writing emails, and working on documents. I am sitting in my cozy chair in my living room, place my computer on the living room coffee table right in front of the over-stuffed chair to go to the kitchen to talk to Sarah.  We decide to run to the store before dinner. I leave the house for 15 minutes before Clay gets home.

The sprinkler system comes on at 5:45 p.m, five minutes after I leave. By the time Clay comes into the house at 6, he finds water all over the living room carpet, and chair. I come home and find sprinkles all over my computer keyboard. Seems the sprinklers came through the open window, sprayed across the room in such a way as to splash my open keyboard, and so for the last few days, I have been computerless--due to a ruined keyboard and ruined mouse. Soooooo, I won't be as much on my computer until I can switch to another one.

The application to this story is always remember to close your computer when you leave a room.....onward.

The moral of this story is: God is still on his throne and I have learned that life can go on for 3 days even if I don't have a computer.