What really matters

This from nightly walk with the kids:

People---not things

Kindness not being right

True life virtue---not opinion or debate

Loving, redeeming, forgiving, extending grace...

Not judgment, criticism, self-righteousness, cynicism 

Living into His grace...

not striving to impress or earn love through works, accomplishment, status, fulfilling expectations,  influence,

Being intentional...not just frantically busy

Seeking Him, pondering Him, listening to Him.....

not the approval of man or living by the rules of others or seeking to be popular

Seeking the Kingdom and eternity.... not the kingdom or voices of the world

Honestly admitting a need, confessing a weakness or sin...

not stuffing our insecurities and pretending to be perfect

Being humble and meek...not powerful and influential

Waiting for Him...not living in the flesh and striving

Living a life of worship...

not living a life of self-fulfillment

Being still and knowing He is God...not living a noisy, empty life

These, my treasures, and another view from our nightly walk--irreplaceable.

my three children living in the reality of their friendship--wishing Nathan was here at home.