What walls do you need to mount up over? and a giveaway!


For by You I can run upon a troop; And by my God I can leap over a wall. Psalm 18:29

All of us have walls in our lives--walls that seem to stop our forward motion. If only I could have more money, had more help, had more friends, wasn't plagued by this illness or difficult marriage, or or or.

I am a Pollyanna at heart and love peace and lack of contention and for everyone and everything in my wake to be in harmony.

But most of my life has been just the opposite--and every woman's life is filled with disharmony-

fusses, messes, bills, discontent, meanness, injustice,

But, the glory of a woman who has Christ in her life is to mount up over that wall--to, by God's grace, leap up over the obstacles--to see HIm take us through. If we believe in Him and HIs reality, we have no other choice than to live by the reality that we know to be true, regardless of our feelings, the circumstances or our friend's or the world's opinion of our circumstances. It is to God's glory for us to live supernaturally.

My life's call is to make Him a reality and when I accept the limitations of my own life in my own story and mount over by my God, to resolve to leap over my walls, by His grace and power. To do the impossible because "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me."

God opens channels of ministry and a story for His glory that could never otherwise have happened, and that my heart would never be able to speak to, unless I had been able to mount up over each of the walls He sovereignly allowed, so that I would have a greater capacity for faith, compassion and understanding of others in this battle of life. But this it the moment, now, to take His hand and to mount up over.

The reason I have loved David over the years is that he mounted up over so many walls--and no matter what, he embraced God and believed that He was good, he wrote songs about Him, worshipped HIm and always believed that God listened to his prayers. Even though, his brothers looked down on him; the king whose kingdom he saved was against him; his wife turned against him and eventually left him;  he was sought for years and years by Saul and his army to be killed, all of his children and family were kidnapped by Philistines; his own son mounted an army and an attack against him; friends deserted him; and yet in all of this, David chose to be resilient, and wrote, "By my God, I can leap over a wall.

Because of this heart--a God-fast heart, he was chosen by God to have an inheritance forever--David, a man after God's heart.

And so, it is to the honor of a Godly woman, in the presence of her children and friends, to mount up over the walls in her life with joy that comes from obedience; with strength that comes from trusting God; with beauty that comes from choosing to believe in God's goodness and light in the midst of darkness.

It is why I chose to write Dancing with My Father---finding joy in a fallen world. It will probably be my magnum opus and my goal for life--to remain joyful, faithful, life-giving and strong, even when I feel weak or discouraged, because I am holding the hand of one who can mount up over any obstacle and will bless me and help me as I wait on Him.

If we say we are believers and servants of Christ, then our lives should be more excellent because He is the pinacle of excellence and lives inside of us and through us. But, when the walls are there, the secret is not to look at the wall in fear, but to have a heart that goes to Him and worships Him and says, "God, if you put this wall here, show me your way, your purpose, your strength, that in the story of my life, I may live faithfully at every point, every temptation, every test, and that now I may with grace, leap over this wall."

And so, I think sometime in the near future, when I get past my conferences and past my book deadline, I may want to lead a book study from this blog, through my book, "Dancing with My Father". The image for me, of dancing with my Father, was of hearing the music of HIs voice and learning to let Him lead me, through all of the circumstances, to a dance in which I was able to hold onto and manifest His joy--to hear the music of His own heart in the midst of the circumstances of this fallen world.

I love the quote, "Those who were dancing were thought to be crazy ty those who could not hear the music." And so I want my life to be--crazy alive, dancing each day to the will and voice of God, with all my might as David was, until I see Him face to face.

And in light of this, I want to give away 5 copies of my book, Dancing with My Father.

 Leave a comment here and/or post on facebook or your blog and let me know through your comment and I will give away 5 copies of this book next Wednesday, February 22.

May you find His strength and grace today to leap over a wall.