When Dancing With the Lord Has Twists and Turns

Dancing with My Father

I hope you're joining us at MomHeart Online and The Better Mom for our fall Book Club where we're studying my book, Dancing With My Father! Dancing was written specifically to address the difficulty of finding joy in a fallen world. It seems more and more important to me as time goes on that women know this truth; that the Lord can help us live with joy, if we will hold tightly to Him and not give up!

Today we're talking about chapter four, at The Better Mom. Won't you join us, and share your thoughts? Here's a snippet from this chapter ...

“Often it seems we would rather have another life—any life—than our own. Somehow we think if we lived a different life, it would be easier for us to grow in faithfulness and spiritual character. Yet it is in accepting today with all of its issues, in accepting God’s will and training grounds that we learn the secret of joy in His presence. It is in being faithful to our own set of tests that we become mature and fitted for the ministry He has called each of us to accomplish.” ~Sally Clarkson, Dancing With My Father

See you there!