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Sweet Friends,

Clay and I started Whole Heart Ministires 20 years ago to train, inspire, and encourage parents to raise godly children. My blog is a part of my desire to reach out to women to encourage them in your roles. I would be so honored if you would read about our ministry and what we are up to, and consider donating to us to help us keep growing in desire to reach more families and to minister internationally. May God bless each of you!



 It's almost 2014: Email is a wonderful resource at this time of year for small ministries like Whole Heart. We are able to send a physical mailing to only a limited number of our friends and followers, but email allows us to reach the many more who would like to hear about our plans or support this ministry. Whether you pray for us, tell a friend about us, or become a financial partner in ministry with us, we just want you to know what God is doing at Whole Heart, and that we appreciate your friendship. Thank you for taking the time to hear the heartbeats of Whole Heart in the digital version of our year-end ministry letter. We're ready to faith ahead in 2014 wholeheartedly!

Dear Friends and Whole Heart Partners,

    Since the New Year is just around the calendar corner, let me just get right to the point of this letter: Thank you for being a Whole Heart Friend or Partner. In 2014, we will mark 20 years of ministry to Christian parents through Whole Heart Ministries. The simple truth is, we would not still be serving parents without the generous support of so many friends of this ministry through the years. Your financial contributions, prayers, encouragement, and help have kept us going.

    Since time is short until the end of 2013, we’ll keep this letter short. We know that you (like we) are considering many appealing appeals from other ministries for year-end donations. Most are from excellent and godly ministries that need and deserve your support. We are and always have been just a small family-run ministry, but we hope you will prayerfully consider us in your year-end giving plans.

    Here’s our appeal: We need your help to fulfill the mission and vision of Whole Heart Ministries. It’s not fancy, but it’s sincere. From day one nearly twenty years ago, our mission has never changed: To encourage and equip Christian parents to raise wholehearted children for Christ. Our greater vision has always been to help parents populate the next generation with godly children who will, as David said, “serve [God] with a whole heart and a willing mind” (1 Chronicles 28:9).

Pressing On with Faith and Whole Hearts

    Like the Apostle Paul, we “press on toward the goal” of fulfilling Christ’s call on our lives to strengthen families. Last year, we entered what we like to call Whole Heart 2.0—our second generation as a ministry. We are still in the process of re-programming our ministry so we can better reach and help a new generation of young families. We like to think of it as faithing forward.

    Our children, now grown, help us think about how to reach and speak to the real hearts and real needs of their new generation of young Christians. Many of them are skeptical of tradition-bound formulas and rules, and hungry for an authentic grace-based and faith-shaped model of biblical parenting. Below are a few of the new 2.0 ways we plan to reach out with that message in 2014.

  • Video: We are exploring the power of online video, both short videos on our blogs, and longer webinars. We have had two successful video events, and are planning more.
  • Audio: We will expand Sally’s speaking ministry as a spiritual encourager of women and a champion of biblical motherhood. We will repurpose dozens of old audio files, and make new ones.
  • Ebooks: We’ve tried three ebooks now, including 10 Gifts of Wisdom which reached number nine in sales out of all of Kindle’s ebooks. Ebooks will be a priority in 2014.
  • Blogging: Sally’s personal blog at ITakeJoy.com continues to reach tens of thousands of visitors each month. It provides a strategic and growing ministry platform to reach out to moms and families.
  • Publishing: Clay is moving Whole Heart Press out of “old school” publishing and into the new publishing paradigm of ebooks and Print on Demand (POD) through Amazon. We'll offer more books and resources faster.
  • Storyformed: Sarah will develop a fiction imprint for Whole Heart Press to promote story, imagination, and the power of books and reading. A Storyformed.com blog, reprints, and more are in the works.
  • Apps: We’re just getting our feet wet in app development, but we hope to release the My Mom Heart app soon, and then look at other app concepts to help Christian parents.
  • Events: We will continue our national hotel conferences for moms, and explore new regional and local event opportunities. Conferences are strategic times of personal ministry.
  • Writing: Sally is writing a new inspirational book for Tyndale that will be out for the 2015 mom conferences. Clay is working on a refreshed version of Heartfelt Discipline for release in spring 2014.
  • WholeHeart.org: The ministry website will soon get a full makeover, with new original and curated content for Christian parents, and a new store. Disciplinology.com will launch later in the spring.

With Faith, and with Your Partnership, We Will Press On

    Help us realize the full vision of Whole Heart 2.0. You can donate online at WholeHeart.org, send a donation via PayPal to admin@wholeheart.org, send a check by mail (must be postmarked Dec 31 to receive a 2013 receipt), or call our office at 888-488-4466 and donate by phone. All gifts to Whole Heart Ministries are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged with a receipt. Thank you for your partnership! Grace and peace to you and your family.

Wholehearted blessings in Christ,

Clay and Sally Clarkson


The "Donate Now" link above will take you directly to a PayPal donation screen. You don't need PayPal to make a donation. You can also visit our website at WholeHeart.org and make a donation there. Thank you for your support of Whole Heart Ministries.

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