Wisdom--a civilizer of the whole world--Your calling, destiny and role!


When God created the world, painted pinks and blues in sunsets, designed the forests, the peacocks and zebras, Wisdom, always personified as a woman in Proverbs, was delighting, dancing, crafting at his side and standing as a partner in bringing beauty into the world. Join me for a short video about your design and inheritance as a woman who brings life, beauty, goodness, truth, and inspiration to a world that is longing to learn about all that is excellent.

My friends, as I was recording, my computer died. I hope you will enjoy this video--be inspired and live into your beautiful design in your own arena.

The end of the video should be, "Because from the beginning, you were created by God to bring all that is good, true and beautiful into the world through your life, your work and your love. God said this about Wisdom, the woman crafted to exhibit wisdom throughout the world:

“The Lord formed me from the beginning, before he created anything else. 23 I was appointed in ages past, at the very first, before the earth began. 24 I was born before the oceans were created, before the springs bubbled forth their waters. 25 Before the mountains were formed, before the hills, I was born— 26 before he had made the earth and fields and the first handfuls of soil. 27 I was there when he established the heavens, when he drew the horizon on the oceans. 28 I was there when he set the clouds above, when he established springs deep in the earth. 29 I was there when he set the limits of the seas, so they would not spread beyond their boundaries. And when he marked off the earth’s foundations, 30     I was the architect at his side. I was his constant delight, rejoicing always in his presence. 31 And how happy I was with the world he created; how I rejoiced.

Proverbs 8: 22-31

In what ways is God sending you into your world to bring His wisdom, His own excellencies to the people He has placed in your life? What are your favorite ways to show wisdom and to bring light from your feminine design?