Words of Life

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." John 1 Jesus was the word--the message, that brought life to those who were thirsty; love to those who felt unlovable, truth to those who longed for direction; comfort to those who were weary; forgiveness to those who were guilty.

Words have power to destroy or to heal. Even Peter with all of his blunderings got it right. "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." John 6:68

Jesus said, "Out of the abundance, the mouth speaks."

Do our words bring life, hope, beauty, healing, comfort, inspiration? Words are as swords, wielded to bring power and influence. I have seen so often that my words are what go deep into the souls of my children, husband and friends.

But, I have thought lately about the fact that "The Word," Jesus lives inside of me. That means I have the power within to cultivate that which will bring the very life and truth that He brought. I am spending more and more time lately pondering His words, His heart, His messages. I have been changed again and again this year by, "I am humble and meek. Learn from me."

Today, I am going to be intentional about my words. I will write or speak words of life intentionally to each of my children today--face to face or on messages they will receive. I hope to hearten them, life them, encourage them. I will invest words that Clay needs to hear. I will seek this week to give out those words to people He brings to my mind, that they might feel the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing through their lives as I give them His words.

May our words cause all who are in our wake to sense the fragrance of God lingering about them.


Words of Life through Books! A Christmas Git that brings life!!!

When Clay and I wrote our books, we wanted to give  light and encouragement to those who longed for direction from Him in their families; and I to inspire moms to the greatness of their calling.  Perhaps one of your friends would be encouraged by the messages of our books this Christmas season. Please consider giving a book to one of your friends who may just be longing for truth, beauty, love, life and encouragement for their own families in their own homes.

You may find our books here

Look at the side bars to see the books and learn more about them at our site above. When you give one of our books to friends, it helps support us at Whole Heart to get our messages into the hands of many. Thanks so much.

So many of you have asked about my son, Joel's beautiful instrumental music. You may order them at the site above as well. It is all piano, soft, along the lines of George Winston.

Music to inspire!

May your words bring life, and truth to all who come your way today. This is the day to leave your children and friends with the Word, himself, the strength of His love, the comfort of being, the message of His hope.