Changing the world, one family, one mom at a time! Come join us!

This is the time of year I begin to get excited. For eighteen years, we have hosted mom's conferences to refresh and inspire moms with the importance of their role as a mom in the lives of the next generation. Community and friendship has become a consequence of moms from literally all over the world to celebrate their mutual lives.

What a miracle to see God work over the years. From the beginning, we would gather women--in our home, then in small groups, and in churches, all over the world. Women holding up ideals together. Women reaching out to friends. Women standing strong together--praying, loving, weeping, giggling, celebrating this divine call of motherhood and together, with the strength of like minds, determining to build their own children into a godly generation.

Women mounting up over their past scars and insecurities, guilt, failures and helping each other build a new story.

Women teaching each other the truth, the reality of God, the love and grace of Christ.

The theme of this year's conference will be the same as my new book, Desperate: Hope for the mom who needs to breathe! We want every mom to leave with hope, a full heart and help for her role as a mom.

Lots of great speakers, music, a luncheon, an enormous book table, chocolate and lots of time to cultivate friendships with like-minded moms!

This has pretty much defined our whole lives--our family history, together, for many years, hosting gatherings all over the world, to write, speak and minister to these great moms, thousands and thousands, who have changed the world, one family at a time.

So it is no wonder I am excited. Hundreds of us will gather again in Colorado, California, Texas and North Carolina. My children will travel to be there, and once again, we will see the miracle of His life, transforming us all in His presence.

No wonder I am excited--can't wait to see you all and to be a part, again, of a miracle.

But be sure to register soon and bring your friends to make a great memory.

Some of the conferences are getting close to full.

And will you please help us get the word out about the conferences on facebook, twitter, and to your own networks of moms? We love encouraging as many moms as possible!

I thought you might enjoy a story from a very dear friend of mine who has attended and love the mom's conferences. Whether you can be with us or not, do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together, for where two or more are, there He is in our midst.



Here is my friend's invitation:

Whether you are a working mom, single mom, military mom, special needs mom, weekend mom, drowning mom, homeschool mom, grand-mom...our common ground is children (from the crib to facial hair). Each of you are in the trenches of parenting. A soldier would never be sent to battle without training, weapons and a battle plan...neither should you.

For the past 5 years, I have attended Sally Clarkson's Mom Heart Conference held in Dallas.  Sally is the author of The Mission of Motherhood, which many of you have gone through this year in your B.O.M. Squads.  This conference restored my heart to my oldest daughter and her heart to mine.  I can still quote nuggets of wisdom that I heard at my first conference.  

I've also attended a writers and speakers conference hosted in Sally's home.  Her heart for moms is truly God-given.  Would you consider coming with me to a conference this year?  The conference is a guilt-free event. You are God's best chance for raising a generation to love God.  

You are God's best bet at restoration in your family. You are God's perfect choice to raise the children entrusted to you.  Come to conference with me and discover simple, inspiring ways to reach our children. If you come looking for God and His direction, you will not leave Dallas wondering where He was or what He wants you to do.

Equip a mom...change the world.

In the trenches but NOT alone,

Stacy Buck