Episode #255: MacKenzie Koppa (Girls' Club Podcast Series)

So grateful that Mackenzie Koppa was able to join me for today’s podcast! She says … “I'm MacKenzie Koppa and around the interwebs I'm known as Bold Turquoise- or the gal who attempts to cultivate loveliness in her life and tries to encourage other women to as well (I'm an ENFP, I can't help it!).

I'm a single mom of four sweet kids, voiceover artist, podcaster and speaker.

I love Jesus, my kids and chocolate- in that order.”

We hope you enjoy our podcast!

Find Mackenzie here at Mackenzie Koppa

She also podcasts at Cultivating the Lovely!

And here’s the podcast that Sally specifically asks about toward the end of the episode~ thesamepagepodcast.com

Instagram- @mackenziekoppa