Giving a Gift that Inspires: The Clarkson Books, a podcast & Giveaway!

A Christmas Gift that will inspire and encourage! The Clarkson books, of course! :)

A Christmas Gift that will inspire and encourage! The Clarkson books, of course! :)

My Friends,

Messages of truth, hope, love, faith so that we can know and serve God more is at the heartbeat of all that we do at Whole Heart. Clay and I always want to be a source of spiritual encouragement, support and inspiration to help our friends grow strong in the Lord and in biblical convictions. We love sharing the messages God has put on our hearts with you!

It is our desire, through the messages in our books and podcasts to help women grow in their faith.

Today, consider purchasing a gift for your friends or family that will keep on giving—a book filled with messages that will give them grace and light for years to come.

As a thank you to all of you who are so encouraging to us, we want to give four sets of any two books of your choice, (that we have in stock!), to four of you so that you might have a book to give to your own loved ones. Just follow us on Instagram ( and share there with a friend, or do the same on my facebook fan page.

Click on the image for a link to our books for purchase. And listen to the podcast for some inspiring passages from each book. Happy Friday. Contest ends on Monday. You may also leave a comment below for an entry if you do not have fb or instagram.

Coming Soon! Available for pre-order. Releases February 5, 2019!

Join us and countless thousands of women all over the world to build strong community, inspiring friendships and accountability for growing into the excellent women God created us to be. We hope you will be inspired by our story.

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