Create Rest During Advent & Breathe in Peace & Podcast


"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life." I Thess. 4:11

This has not been a quiet week.

Packing up our house in Oxford for a 2 month journey home meant we had to pack, empty the rubbish bins, straighten and wash linens for the others who will stay in our home while we are gone. Then flights home after bus rides to the airport. Luggage dragging—then home.

Hosting several get togethers, cooking for all of my boys, Christmas presents, baking cookies, unpacking—you all know the lives we lead and live.

Yet, the happiness of being with my sweet people and friends has carried me through so far.

But today, I hit a wall. So, I know from the past, since everyone will be home starting tonight for about two weeks with other out of town guests, I will be “on” a lot. So, instead of finishing all of my straightening and wrapping before the kids walk in the door, I am sitting and having a cup of tea and one of my cookies. I will probably even go take a 20 minute nap before I start flurrying around again—knowing I will never get everything done.

But if I don’t have a little bit of protected time to myself, I will probably explode in some unfortunate way and then will regret. Taking time to breathe in whatever gives you a little bit of reprieve will help you have a “merrier” attitude through the whole season.

I think about all of you, my beautiful, wonderful online friends, and I often pray for you to have peace and strength for your very demanding lives.

Today, I wish you beauty, rest, fun and the celebration of life with your sweet ones today.

Today, my heart will be turned to home. I will plan easy meals that bring all of us comfort and rest as we are all quite exhausted. These are some of my plans.

Savory soups bubbling on the stove and warm bread with butter and strong cures of cheese, accompanied  by homemade applesauce.

Long walks in the woods and mountains, taking in the art of leaves, chill wind, snow blowing across the covered white grass, dark colors of navy in the sky and reminder that life is always changing, and always to be cherished-- with my most precious ones.

Fireplaces blazing with tea or coffee or cider and stories being read.

Real conversations that take lots of time, face to face without my eyes on a machine or phone--but real listening, touching, sharing hearts, giving words of encouragement and life--which require time and focus.

Long quiet times, seeking Him and His values and His ways for myself and my family.

Filling my mind with story, encouragement, inspiration, rest, so that I actually have something left in my soul to offer to those who would draw from there.

Rest and Sabbath times--quiet, away, undistracted, peaceful.

This is my hope and prayer for you today.

May the Peace of the Lord be with you today and carry you through the sleepless nights, piles of dishes, constant needs of those around you and may you know you are the true heroes and God sees your precious love poured out faithfully. His heart for you is very soft and generous. He loves you so much.

Happy Rest and enjoy the podcast on this subject today.

I am podcasting today with my sweet friend, Shelly Miller, who also lives in the UK, in London. She loves to encourage women to take time to rest. You can find her at

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