Lifegiving Parent Podcast Series: Erin Loechner

Erin Loechner pic.jpg

Erin Loechner has become a sweet friend to me. We got to know each other because she reached out to me. I am used to reaching out to others, so her gracious encouragement to me when I wasn't even looking for it meant so much. 

Erin is one of those women who touches everything in her wake with beauty and creativity. Besides being an author, of the book, Chasing Slow. She and her husband hosted a creative show in Los Angeles on HGTV for a couple of years  and walked away from it to move home to the Midwest. Now she cares for her family and does all sorts of creative endeavors. I love to look at her photos and images just to be inspired and it has been fun to watch the reruns of her show.  

Find her captivating story on her beautiful blog: Design For Mankind  and enjoy her inspiring articles.

Follow her on Instagram @erinloechner 

Erin has blessed my launch so much by creating beautiful downloadable pdf's and posters to share. My publisher liked them so much they chose to share them with their network.

Today she is sharing one she made especially for my launch team and the friends in my audience, to thank you for participating in launch week with us. Print this out in color and frame it and remember to do it every day--speaking words into your children's hearts that will change them forever. 



I would also like to share some beautiful printable cards that another wonderful friend designed just for us. She has supported me for years and always designed wonderful gifts for my launch team. Thanks so much, Jennifer Ford. I am so blessed by you. 

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Buy a copy of the books for Mother's Day, Father's Day and give one to a friend. You will bless them for years to come. :)