What Downton Abbey and Motherhood Have in Common (and a Podcast!)


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The girls and I were so excited to visit Highclere Castle, where the TV series Downton Abbey is filmed, last year. It’s a lovely home which has actually been used to serve people in many different ways over the years, adding to the beauty that’s been cultivated there by the owners. If you ever happen to be in England, you must visit!

Lots of the ladies on our national team have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new Downton Abbey movie, and were excited to see it when it came out last week. We realize everyone has different tastes, convictions, and levels of content they find appropriate for themselves and their families, and there are a couple of scenes that some of you may not find acceptable. But, our team visited the UK and because of the history, the stories, Misty sent all of us al Vox about how the movie encouraged her that we loved and we thought it might be of interest and fun for you. Yes, we love the tales and history of many places all over the world and especially Downton, because it was the ultimate Lifegiving Home. So enjoy the podcast and remember how very important you are in creating life for many people that will be a story worth telling in your lifetime.

And hear what we learned about this amazing castle that inspired Joy and me and Sarah.

The story of Downton is the story of a time when the monarchy and its attached systems of Earls, Counts, and all the rest was in demise. “Landed” families—those with titles, who were effectively the overseers and caretakers of those large estates, including the people who lived within the boundaries of each area—had a choice to make: remain and try to keep managing the upkeep and maintenance of massive homes, often without the income they’d previously brought in, due to the rapid changes taking place in society at the time; or give it all up, sell those massive homes and give up their positions in order to live simpler lives.

For many of us, watching Downton felt a teeny tiny bit as if we were watching our own lives, as sometimes maintaining the values and ideals we hold in the face of a culture which is determined to throw them away feels overwhelming, too. Today, Misty and I are talking about our reactions to watching Downton, and the parallels we saw between the movie and motherhood. We hope you’ll listen in, and also that you’ll be sure to get your own copy of Mom Heart Moments, which launches out into the world TOMORROW!!!

And we hope you will be encouraged by Mom Heart Moments.

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