It's a New Baby ... BOOK! Welcome Mom Heart Moments (and Launch Party Info!)

MHMlaunch party picture .jpg

Mom Heart Moments is officially LAUNCHED! We’re so excited that this new book baby has been born into the world, and hope you’ll love it as much as we do. This book was created to help YOU develop time for prayer and reading each day, in an accessible way. We pray it will be helpful and an encouragement to mamas everywhere!

From the book …

"I picture my children’s souls as gardens and realize that greatness of character must
be planted, cultivated, fertilized, watered, and protected while I consistently watch for
and remove weeds and bugs and all that would kill what’s struggling to grow there.
I understand that discipleship must be very intentional. It must be a daily, moment
by moment endeavor. It is a way of life. Excellence of character does not develop by
accident, but it is an intentional goal that must be set and worked toward."

“There are brave, courageous women in my midst who, against formidable odds, have held fast to Jesus, and their stories are breathtaking and encouraging and cause me to want to trust Jesus more for my own problems. ...
The eyes of our heart and the obedient choices we make when we are squeezed by life will determine the kind of women we become.’

We will be hosting a live launch party TONITE at 9pm Eastern. Go to my Sally Clarkson page on facebook or find me on Instagram to join us, and especially to find out who’s won the $1,000 giveaway to come visit me! And of course, be sure to order a copy of Mom Heart Moments for yourself—or a friend!